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Q) Confused about the Packages?

Occasionally I am asked for clarity on how my packages are structured or what is included, particularly regarding digital images (on USB), and how the Print Voucher works.

Firstly, I believe passionately that it's not only using the services of a professional photographer that is important; but also the quality of the final printed products and how they are displayed and preserved for years and years to come. I know of clients who have received the images from a special occasion like a wedding day on a USB, but then admitted that it was simply gathering dust in a cupboard drawer years later, or they had them printed through a lab that prints for the general public with disappointing quality. The reason you choose to use a professional photographer like myself should be to ensure a high quality finished product – and that is what you will be paying me for. This is why it is so important to me that my clients receive products that are professionally printed and do justice to using my professional services as an award winning newborn and baby photographer. There is a marked difference in quality between the archival products I offer through award winning printing labs who only print for professional photographers, and those who print for the general public. I also have years of experience using and sampling various professional printing labs across UK and Europe, and only use those who I feel produce the best products for my clients.

For this reason, I have chosen to structure my packages in such a way that every client receives at least some professionally printed products. Whereas some photographers may specify exactly what you get in a package, (ie 4 (7 x 5) inch prints, and 3 (10 x 8 inch prints), I know that every client is different and so I allow you to choose, to suit your own tastes. So the way I have accommodated this is by including a Print Voucher with every session. You are free to use the Print Voucher towards all printed products in the brochure (prints, canvas, acrylic, birth announcement cards, books, wooden blocks, bespoke framed prints.) My lovely husband Grant can also visit you in your home after your shoot to show you your images and help you choose what you would like, with advice and samples of all the various sizes and samples. Many clients have said how helpful this is a unique service that we offer.

The only product you cannot put the Print Voucher towards is the digitals, as this defeats the object of having a Print Voucher. Digitals can still be purchased though, and are available in bundles of 5, 10, 15 or 20. If you do buy the digitals (on USB) you are then free to print as many copies of the images as you would like. However as explained above, I would be cautious as to who I would choose for that service, as even with professional printing labs mistakes can be made! When that happens with any of the labs I use, I would have them reprinted at no additional cost to yourself. You may not get the same guarantee of service through other printers.

If any digital bundle is bought, a slideshow to music of all the images is included as complimentary, as well as the black and white copies of the chosen images.

Finally, I put a tremendous amount of care, preparation and thought into each session, followed by meticulous attention to editing and design and ordering of products. This is why I am limited to doing only three, or maximum four newborn sessions a week! But the benefit to you is knowing that your session will be unrushed and your products beautifully designed and intended to be treasured for generations.

Q) How do I book?

Your booking is secure once you've paid your £30 deposit and returned the questionnaire and signed contract, which we will send to you upon request. We will then send you confirmation of your booking!

Q) What if my baby arrives earlier or later than the due date?

This is not a problem at all! By booking a session you are not committing to an exact booking date – the date of the session will depend on how you are feeling after the baby is born. As long as you have booked a session, your slot is secure and ready for you whenever you feel ready!

Q) Can I bring in my own props?

My style is rustic, organic and warm, focusing on your beautiful baby. I don’t use a lot of “crazy props”, though I'm open to the occasional novelty shot. If you would like to bring something small and sentimental please let me know before the session and I will try my best to accommodate your requests where possible. Some of my favourite images have no props at all - just baby, 100% beautiful on their own. I do have simple props available at the studio - hats and headbands and lots of textures that I like to use. It is important to me that my clients are happy with the style of my photography as seen in images displayed on my website and Facebook page. Should you wish for a style that is unlike these then it would be better for you to look for another photographer who can better represent the particular style you are after.

Q) If I have a C-Section I am worried that I may not have recovered sufficiently to be able to come to your studio?

I have in the past had mums who have had a C-Section and did not think they would recover in time for a shoot; however we pencilled in a date for around 12-14 days and by then they had fully recovered and attended the shoot without any problems. However I can do the shoot up to 5-6 weeks if necessary. If you were not in a position to have the shoot at all, we would consider using the deposit towards a future baby shoot instead, but this has rarely happened.

Q) Where will the session be?

Newborn sessions are done in my small home studio in Pennard, Gower. I don't travel for newborn sessions as I have posing equipment I can't transport and loads of props!

Q) When is my session likely to be?

If you've already booked in, then just message me as soon as you can after the birth and we'll arrange a morning that suits us both. The ideal time for a newborn session is in the first 7-14 days, though I do take newborn's for sleepy sessions until 6 weeks, but less poses are possible and baby may have outgrown a few of the props! Newborn sessions are only done in the mornings from 9:30am when babies are generally at their happiest and the lighting is good. If you haven't pre-booked, I may still be able to accommodate you as babies are seldom born on their due dates, so I may have space. Please message me as soon as you can after the birth.

Q) What should I bring?

I advise you bring a black top for yourself and your partner for the family shots OR a cream, beige or light brown top each, without any logos or branding. Choose something that you feel good in :-) It's best to dress baby in a button down sleep suit or baby grow without a vest, and keep the nappy quite loose to reduce crease marks on baby's skin. Please bring along the usual baby supplies you'll need, as well as a dummy if you have one. They are extremely helpful as babies seem to settle much quicker with dummies and we can get through more set-ups. It's not a prerequisite, and I'll understand if you'd rather not. Please also feel free to bring in anything special or sentimental you’d like to include in your session, ie. special teddy etc, but please let me know so I can plan for it. Your payment is also due at your session, cash or cheque. If you'd prefer to pay online, please do so before the session.

Q) What should I expect?

Your newborn session will typically be very relaxed and on baby's schedule. This means that standard newborn sessions are generally quite long with time for feedings in-between and time for settling etc. I aim to be done by 3 hours for a full shoot, and 1,5 hours for a mini session, but this all depends on how well baby is settling. Arriving with baby's tummy full can help to move the session along quicker (arriving with a full tummy is essential for Mini sessions in order to save time). It also helps if you're able to keep baby awake before the session, but i understand this is not always possible. Also expect a very warm studio!! Because baby will be naked most of the time, the studio needs to be around 27 degrees Celsius… and this makes for some very sweaty adults! Please feel free to step out whenever you need a breather. You may also like to bring a change of clothes for yourselves as photographing naked babies can get messy, and it's to be expected :-). Please bear in mind that not all babies will go into every pose and I will never force a baby into a pose. It's therefore very important to manage your expectations. If there is something very specific that you'd like to try please mention it clearly on your booking forms, and I'll do my best to accommodate you. As my studio is very small, it can be very tricky to access the necessary props at the last minute, so all set-ups are planned in advance.

Q) Do I pay extra for family shots?

Mum and dad are included in the shots at no additional charge. If you'd like to bring along older siblings or other special relatives, we charge £15 per person.

Q) What do I need to know about bringing older siblings to a newborn session?

Firstly it's important to note that our studio is very small, and small children tend to wake sleeping babies! It is also important to note that I will always do my best with photographing toddlers, but it really can just depend on their mood on the day and how they feel being in front of a camera! I advise that you bring your child/ren at the beginning of the session, and let a family member take them out for the rest of the session. There's a lovely park near my home where your partner/friend can take the children if the weather is good.

Q) How are the final images selected?

Each image is closely examined and the very best are chosen out of hundreds of images. These are the ones I will edit to form your gallery.

Q) How will I view and order my images?

My lovely husband Grant will arrange a date and time at your session, where he will come to you in the comfort of your own home about 7-10 days after your session to show you your photos in an online gallery. He will also have samples of the products with him, as well as the various sizes, and will offer you his expert advice! Many of our clients have said this is such a helpful and unique service we offer.

Q) How long will it take until I view my images and products?

I aim to have sessions edited within 14 days; this isn't always possible and depends on how busy I am at the time, but most often it is :-). Grant will then see you around this time and take your order. The time it takes for your printed products to arrive is highly variable depending on what you order - I will keep you up to date with expected delivery times. We try and get birth announcement cards done as soon as possible as we understand you would want to get those out to family and friends as soon as possible. All products requiring design and artwork will be emailed to the client first as a proof for approval. Due to its value, large wall art may need to be collected from my studio in Pennard. Other products can be posted to you.

Q) Do I have to sign a model release form?

I reserve the right to share the images I take via print or online for advertising and marketing. We usually share a couple on Facebook, and we may add images to our website gallery. If you are concerned about internet safety you are welcome to remain anonymous and your names won't be mentioned. I have found though that many clients love to tag themselves and share their images with their friends and family on Facebook.

Q) Is there a minimum spend for products?

No. Your session includes a voucher for professionally printed products which you can use to purchase products of your choice as shown in the brochure, but you are not required to spend more than the print voucher, though of course you are more than welcome to!

Q) How can I share my photo's online to friends and family?

I will usually post one or two photo's (with a small watermark) from your session onto my Facebook page, you would then be more than welcome to share with friends and family and tag them! We ask that you please DO NOT post images on the web that are NOT WATERMARKED, as they are then open to theft. 

If you have any other questions not answered here please drop me a line and I will be happy to help!

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