Newborn Session Availability

It is best to book your session before baby is born so that your slot is guaranteed and waiting for you! I only book a limited number of slots per month by due date, the remaining slots I have left currently are below: (please note that the actual date of your shoot will only be determined once baby is born and depending on how you are feeling. So baby can arrive earlier or later than your due date and that is absolutely fine, as long as you have booked in ahead your slot is secured!)

September 2018  -    2 slots remaining

October 2018 -          4 slots remaining

November 2018 -      4 slots remaining

December 2018 -      6 slots remaining

January 2019 -          8 slots remaining

February 2019 -        7 slots remaining

March 2019 -             7 slots remaining

April 2019 -               7 slots remaining 

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